Below you will find an easy over view of our core rules. 

More can be found in our Forums.


Treat everyone with dignity and respect. Harassment of any form is not allowed.


We all play to have fun. Don't ruin it for other people. We are a No Pressure Guild & Environment.


The Guild /Community is not your baby sitter.

We are adults that play to enjoy our free time and unwind. Please do not expect DE Members to entertain you & your family  


Read the room.

Locker room humor" isn't always welcomed. Don't be that creepy pervy member everyone starts to avoid or gets reported.


The Guild & Community does not revolve around you. 

This is a Guild & Community & not a stage. 
People are here to play and relax, not to be micromanaged :)


Not everyone will get along with everyone else. that's life. Not everyone will agree with everyone else. Try your best to get along and to agree to disagree.


"Bad Actors" will

not be tolerated. Disagreements or other behaviors which become repetitive and 

disruptive are unacceptable.


Guild rules will inevitably change over time. 

Changes will be announced via a post in the forums.


Constructive feedback and discussion on all aspects of the guild/ Community are always welcome. Complaints should not be made unless accompanied by alternative proposals.


Read the forums.

Your knowledge base is up to you to maintain.


Do not engage in any activity that will bring the guild/ Community name into disrepute.


Do not record or live-stream guildies or DE members without their knowledge.


Do not use excessive, gratuitous or explicit language.

Justifiable mature language and conversation is to be expected in a guild of adults. It is circumstantial.

Political, Over the top profanity and perverse comments & topics as well as similarly divisive topics are not welcomed and may result in removal.

Abusive, Harassing, threatening, discriminatory, or prejudicial behavior of any form is expressly forbidden and will be met with immediate expulsion from the guild. 



Below are a few FAQs that may be helpful.

Frequently asked questions

Combien de temps à l'avance ai-je pour faire ma réservation?

Reservez 24 heure d'avance en ligne ou par téléphone 1 heure avant votre arrivée.

Puis-je annuler ma réservation? y a-t-il des pénalités?

Vous pouvez annuler votre réservation à tous moment, Frais et pénalité taxes en sup.

Ai-je besoin d'une certaine expérience pour utiliser ces véhicules nautiques?

Nous offrons le permis, valide pour votre location et une formation sur place pour les débutants.

puis-je amener des enfants sur les véhicules nautiques?

Avoir 18 ans pour conduire, Les Passagers l'âge minimum requis est de 8 ans

Puis-je louer un véhicule nautique pour de longues périodes?

Vous pouvez faire une réservation à la Journée (6h)